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Equally Yoked Enterprises LLC is a Christian based entertainment company founded by husband and wife Prince Cre McEntyre. & Debra Smith-McEntyre. EYE is a company that looks to present and minister the Gospel through various forms of entertainment such as plays, events, seminars, books and music. Our motto is “Creating the Stage for Change” because we believe that while there is only one way to Christ there are many ways in which we can present him to the world.

Writer/director/Artist Manager/Actor Prince Cre truly wears a lot of hats.

Thomas Prince Cre McEntyre

Writer/director/artist mgr/actor Prince Cre truly wears a lot of hats and bring to the table a ton of gifts. As a former hip hop artist under Profile's recording artist King Sun for over 10 years his experience and knowledge of this industrial is unquestionable. 


Debra Smith McEntyre

Evangelist/play writer/life coach Debra bring to the table a lot of gifts and talents.  She dedicated most of her life serving as youth leader and a youth mentor. 

Our Projects

My Life Matters "Staying Alive"


My Life Matters debuted on February 25, 2017 in Paterson, NJ and on November 4, 2017 and January 20, 2018 in Virginia Beach. The play was a success on all dates!  The turnout was great, and the feedback was so overwhelming on all social media outlets that they were asked to bring it to Atlanta. The play uses music and dialogue to relay a message of God’s love to a young lady who is so overwhelmed by life’s experiences that she tries to commit suicide. However, God uses the least likely to intervene. We believe that God has given us this timely assignment of ministering to those who are silently suffering from depression and suicidal ideation. My Life Matters is based on a true story about suicide. Prince and Debra both had a run in with suicidal thoughts. Prince lost his aunt to suicide, 2 close friends to suicide and on many occasions tried to take his own life and a few friends who are currently battling PTSD. This isn’t just a business deal it’s personal and we will continue to be the voice of the victims. 

We pray that this theatrical ministry can help save someone’s life and get people talking without being ashamed. If you know someone who is battling this demonic spirit called suicide or depression have them call 1-800-273- TALK 


The Cast

Atlanta Sept 8 


My Life Matters "Staying Alive"

The musical with a purpose, unscripted and based on a true story

My Name is Victory

Eastside High School 20 years after the departure of Principal Joe Clark, the child of the students who Mr. Clark kicked 20 years ago are crying out for help but together they help each other to victory.

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